Steps on getting a poster made for your next gig


Musicians create music to entertain an audience. Treat them to a new sound which they can appreciate and connect with. Many of the most successful musicians have this as the foundation of their careers.

However, not a lot of them got the huge following they have without making an effort to reach out to people to watch them play. The audience makes the show and the music worthwhile to make for all musicians.

Posting about your gig on your Facebook Wall or Twitter feed can help but it shouldn’t be the only platform you use to get a larger audience. Posting the date of the gig on your event planners site won’t be enough to get you to sell your tickets.

As a matter of fact, the venue of your gig will not be the one to promote your show. Many bands, shows, or events can happen on your venue and they just don’t have the time to advertise all the gigs. The burden still lies on the band or musician.

Musicians are expected to bring their audience to the venue of their gig. This means that they should gather crowds using marketing strategies and promotional materials that will help them bring more people to the venue.

A gig poster is an effective way to promote your gig. You should be able to make one if you have an upcoming gig. The design must represent your band or the brand of music you play so you can attract the right audience. Start with these simple steps to get your poster ready:

  1. Collect information about the entire gig. The time & date, venue, audience age, gate fee, and the name of the bands playing.
  2. Place the name of the headline band on top of your poster and make sure they are at the header of your poster.
  3. Post the names of the other bands or front acts that will also play during the gig below the name of the main band.
  4. Once the gig roster is identified, think of a layout for your poster. From the graphics, fonts, and some of the creative things you’ll do with the poster.
  5. Now put the necessary information on the poster like the address of the venue, name of the venue, time of the gig, and the date of the gig.
  6. At the end of the poster put the gate fee for audience to know how they will pay to watch the gig.
  7. You can also post a link to an online advertisement for the gig, link to your band’s music, or the event organizer you hire for the gig as well. This is where your audience can look up details of the gig online.

Not many bands have a creative person to make these kinds of things. It would be easier on pm a band’s schedule if you can get a poster designer to create one for your gig whether online or through marketing company.

Design services for musician branding is an expertise many creative companies have done. They can make create amazing layouts that would help attract more audience to your gig with their creativity in the design.

It is important that your band makes an impact even in your posters. For your next gig, it’s better if you can decide early if you want to make a poster for your next gig or have one made by an expert in design.

Luxury Homes in Burlington for Super Star Musicians

Super star musicians are paid a lot of money to make good music, go on tour, and the other business endeavors they have because of their brand. Large sums of money also means that they can invest in luxury properties which usually have a large area and beautiful scenery.


They look for the best and most luxurious locations to buy a massive house that have a complete set of amenities found in an area with an array of facilities they can use to live in luxury. These are just some of the characteristics that famous musicians look for when looking for a luxury home.


Super star musicians who are looking for a property in Burlington, Canada area are in luck. This area has a lot of options that are are within the million dollar range which is the price range for many luxury homes in the country.


Celebrity musicians would be wise to connect with a local real estate agent when they’re thinking of buying a property. The knowledge and experience an agent will provide can be invaluable for a buyer who wants to own a high-end property.


Your agent should have listings in all the prestigious neighbourhoods in Burlington. The south side of the area, called Dundas, has a luxury residential area named Millcroft real estate which would be perfect for superstar musicians.


The community has large luxury bungalows that are for sale between the Walkers and Appleby line in the state. The most expensive house sells for over a million and have all the premium amenities that a celebrity would need.


A large golf course is one of the major highlights in the area. The lush greenery and the high-end facilities make it a great feature to sell to famous people. It’s a facility that makes the community a prime location for a rich family looking for a home.


Aside from having one of the best golf courses in Canada, living in Millcroft is also very convenient since it only takes a short drive to get to commercial establishments and retail stores. This takes a lot of the hassle out of living in a premium real estate location.


Lastly, one of the best features of the Millcroft community is the proximity it has to schools, parks and other attractions which is perfect for raising a family. These features add to the allure of the beautiful properties found within the area because it provide a family-first environment which is perfect for busy people like superstar musicians who want to make the most of their time with their family any chance they get.


Digital Record Players

Have you heard the latest news? Record players are back! And they are starting to get more and more popular again. In our digital world, who would think that people will start to like using record players again?


Listening and downloading songs is just so easy these days. Yet record players and vinyl started to get back on track. They might have lose their popularity for decades, but people are starting to love them in this digital era. And because of the kind of technology that we have today, digital record players were produced. That is to go with the many digital equipment these days.

Technological Advancement

The main reason why record players started to lose its fame is the fact that the technology made it easier to listen and to play the songs that we want. We can even download them on smart phones and other mobile devices for free. No hassle, fast and easy.

However when it comes to the quality of music, vinyl and the best portable record player still remains at the top. Musicians and all music professionals say that as compare to the quality of sound that digital equipment produced, the ones from record players are still the best. That might be the reason that many of them would prefer to put their songs on vinyl.

The latest digital record payers were actually manufactured and used these days. They might be digital in nature, in which they were designed to work well with digital stuff like having a sub port, Wi-Fi connection with smart phones and easy recording and playing of songs. Above all that, they still sound like the vintage record players that we have.

Digital Record Players

If you are planning to buy your own digital record player, here’s a good list of the best ones in the market.

Audio-Technica AT-LP120 USB. This is of the most popular digital turntables in which works perfectly for any for any digital equipment like PCs and mixers. It was also designed in a way minimizing vibration and to avoid unwanted noise when playing. Just like the traditional ones, it also has 3 different playing speed modes, 33, 45 and 78.  Using a USB, you can connect it with any external devices.

carbonPro-Ject Debut Carbon. This might look quite different because it was designed simpler and not so bulky yet very durable since its platter is made of steel. It could also be the cheapest option that you have in the market. It’s also very easy and simple to operate.

Technics SL-1200MK2. Consider this one of the high end ones in the market. This is what DJs, radio stations and musicians usually use. With that, this might be a bit pricey.  Also made of steel platter and has two speed modes, 33 and 45. Very durable and will probably last a lifetime.

There are still other options in the market. These are just of the 3 most popular ones. In your own selection process, make sure to consider your budget and your needs. If you don’t need to buy big bulky record players, then you can just settle for simply and less expensive ones.

Online Music Sharing

online music sharing

Floating around on the Internet, all just a mouse click away, are hundreds and hundreds of songs, the songs that you love, the soundtrack to your life, that favorite ditty, the melody you first heard as a kid and have loved ever since, the album that you grew up on. It is all so very available smack dab in the middle of cyber space. No need for a trip to the neighborhood music shop.

See, there is no question that the advent of the World Wide Web has changed the way we all live; it has brought us into a brand new age. But no change wrought by the Internet has had a wider impact than the complete transformation of the music world. We have come quite a long since the days of LP albums and, ugh, eight-track tapes. The way we all listen to music has changed, and it is continuing to change along with the explosion in social networking on the Internet. Do you want to ride the wave of that change? You can, simply by plugging into the latest trend in online music.

What’s the name of that trend? It’s called music sharing. Shared? That one thing they continued focusing back in kindergarten? The main difference these days is that sharing is not about giving some different children a chance to have a turn with the Speak-n-Spell; now it alludes to the extremely coolest thing to do with your tunes. What’s more, the pleasant part is other people is sharing their music as well!

It’s just plain obvious, simply envision every one of the songs you love and not only those old stand-bys, not only the songs you know by heart and could basically sing in your rest, additionally every one of the songs you love however don’t claim, or that snappy current tune you got on the radio, that unpleasant tune you recognize but can’t quite place. You can find it all on the Internet, where the people who want to share those tunes with you want you to share your music with them.

So listed here is a rapid guidebook comparing legal songs internet sites with p2p file sharing sites. So now, sharing free MP3 audio and downloading them from authorized internet sites is totally legit. The volume of Songs Downloads Available to The p2p file sharing networks intensely out quantity the authorized tunes websites when it arrives at the volume of data files accessible for obtaining.

If you obtain music above file-sharing networks and are caught, what will be your legal defense? Given that it’s unattainable to figure out which totally free tunes downloads might be genuine, the only positive way to continue to be lawful is to avoid these sort file sharing programs completely.


The Best Guitar Solos of All Time

In the past decades, guitar solos seemed to lose its throne with pop music. For some, they even consider guitar solos as a way for guitarist to show off their skills. But for many popular and best guitar soloists, it’s their way to express themselves and their music. And they find it a great accomplishment for them to get people to listen.


The main challenge however is to get people to listen in a span of time. Guitar solos are often omitted with the dread of people losing interest in them. Yet, we have to accept it, having the best guitar soloist on stage would make a whole lot of difference on how the audience would react. Here’s a good list of the best guitar solos of all time.

Eddie Van Halen- 1 Beat It (Michael Jackson)

It is considered as one of the best guitar solos ever.  There’s just too much attitude to it that might rip your face off. It would feature some masterful fret work of Eddie Van Halen. The moment you hear it, it’s impossible not to catch your attention.

Slash – Sweet Child O’ Mine (Guns N’ Roses)

This definitely was able to influence a lot of guitarists all over the world. For the record, this guitar solo was considered unbeatable. It’s pretty impressive how it was constructed and very fun to the ears.

Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

Shows a good proof of being the best musician, with this incredible blues made guitar solo. With its mesmerizing arrangement and epic proportions, it is considered as one of the best guitar solos of all time.

David Gilmour – Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd, The Wall)

This classic solo uses a combination of the Yamaha rotating speaker cabinets along with guitarist’s Hiwatt amps. It’s probably considered Pink Floyd’s most reputable opus.  Gilmour was able to set a good track for the work of the band.

Brian May – Too Much Love Will Kill You (Queen)

b mayWhen you hear this solo, you probably feel something crushing your heart inside. This solo is known as a work of art of all time. The way it touches you while listening to the song, it has that best class and feel.

Don Felder, Joe Walsh – Hotel California (The Eagles)

With its extended part of electric guitar interplay of Felder and Walsh, it is also considered as one of the best guitar solos of all time. It is also known as the best recording of The Eagles.

More Details…

There are just a lot of guitar solos that were able to leave a mark on the music world. These solos are known to capture the hearts of the many, creators of best-selling albums. If you want to learn the art of guitar solo, you can check out these all-time best guitar solos. You can also find a lot of guitar tips everywhere. The internet has lots of tutorial videos that can you can watch to give you the best ideas that you need to be able to follow the footsteps of these best guitar soloists of all time.



The Best Way to Buy New and Used Vinyl

Can you still remember that first vinyl record that you have listened to? The young people today probably didn’t experience that best feeling of putting on a vinyl, placing the needle in place, and bang, you’d be blown away by the music.


A lot of people are into collecting vintage vinyl records. They even have a room full of old records, properly cared and arranged. However, if you are just starting to get your interest on it or you probably just wanted to give it a try, do you know how you would be able to buy the best? Which is more practical, buying a new or a used one?

Used or New

There’s always a question about these two options. Should I buy a new one or go for some classic and used vinyl records? The answer obviously depends on quite a few things. Certainly, you always wanted to get the best for your money and you’ll appreciate the value of record you bought. That’s the main reason why you need to pick the best.

When you decide to buy used vinyl records, then you need to be extra careful. There would be a lot of checking required. And you need to have the right ability to examine them. The main key is to make sure that the record is it’s still on its good condition. Your first impression might matter, but you still need to do the right inspection. See for damages and scratches. And if possible, give it a spin before buying. You also have to see how reliable the seller.

When you’re buying for a new vinyl, then there shouldn’t be much hassle to begin with. You just have to make sure what you want. Be a smart buyer. Meaning you have to always give it try, ask necessary questions and consider compatibility of records.  Just make sure that you get it from a reliable store or seller, that way you can be sure of its quality.

Where to Buy

When it comes to vintage and classic vinyl records, there’s not much shop who actually sells them. Unlike digital records, old and classic ones are often rare to find. However, with the help of the internet, you will be able to find some online reliable shops that sell the best records that you want. You can also look for some buy and sell sites wherein classic record collectors might be selling some of their collections.


Following are some of the suggested shops that you might want to consider:

Invisible City Editions Shop. You can find a wide range of records, such a great online shop displaying treasures from their adventures.

Victor Kiswell. Victor Kiswell is passionate about all kinds of styles with a jazz or funk tinge.

MarksClassics. Marks Classics is online shop that sources classic, rare and deleted dance records for all your DJ cravings.

Depending on what you want, whether you go for used or new record, you need to spend some time in finding the best shop where you can buy the best quality and condition records.